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My practice as a sculptor is intuitive and driven by the organic encounter between the materials I use: steel, stone, brass and mirror.

Inspired by the artisanal traditions of iron, engraving and brass casting, I respond to the materials’ natural imperfections and energy to create original and unexpected contemporary shapes. 


I look for what is alive in the materials, working with what their textures and presence invite. In contact with the raw matter, I leave a place for instinct; a connection between the tactile world and the mind is created, from which the forms that emerge maintain an unstable balance specific to nature. A personal sensorial experience translates into a unique and powerful piece of art.  


Through the process of making, a natural relationship between form and function takes shape.

The finished pieces are defined by light, which deploys them in space and plays with the shadows they cast.

The sculptural objects and furniture move beyond their useful and aesthetic functions, offering work nourished by a narrative that reveals at once the personality of the author and the history of the material.


I create introspective and expressive pieces with a spirit that extends beyond their physical presence.

Between sculpture and craftsmanship, my work offers a new understanding of space, and inspires a more attentive and authentic way of life.


 Cécile Geiger, January 2024

Cécile Geiger 2024
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